Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Bit of Old School Awesome

So after my last downer post on the Old School, how a bit of Old School cool? Keeping in mind Jeff's recent post on destroying artifacts, check out this post at from Sac2:

And can you believe it? The paladin is already asking if there is a holy sword there. My response?

"Don't get ahead of yourself. An item like a holy sword is a quest all unto itself, and ye won't be finding one in the temple. And ye certainly won't be able to handle such a quest until you are level 10 or so, and that's with lots of allies."

In my mind I'm already thinking I'll make his quest for a holy sword go something like this:

Go to White Plume Mountain and acquire Blackrazor. Manage to escape the efreets with it, the whole time not touching it. Then travel to the frozen mountain lair of Frostbyte, an ancient white dragon. Get Frostbyte to breathe on the sword and shatter it with a hammer blessed by Foresetti. Take the pieces to the high temple of Hephaestus where a new sword will be forged. Out of pure evil a new sword of holiness will be created.

All in all, the one thing that I forgot about the most about my old skool D&D days? Often one of the members of the party or the party itself will do something that sparks a whole new side adventure and I'll be quick to modify or outright ignore large portions of the module itself. Ah, the way Gary intended....

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