Monday, July 14, 2008

Hope These Folks Remember to Bring Their 10-foot Poles

A secret series of caverns and tunnels are to be explored beneath a pyramid in Mexico:

At the end of this month, they are to investigate a man-made tunnel and cave system underneath the pyramid – the third biggest in the world – to test theories that it was used for rituals including human sacrifice.

"We think it had a ritual purpose. Offerings were placed at the very end of the tunnel as part of the pyramid's construction process," said Alejandro Sarabia, Teotihuacan's director of archaeology.

He will lead a team of Mexican, American and Japanese experts into a 295 ft long, 8 ft high tunnel some 20 ft below the pyramid.

"We want to find out why the Teotihuacan people sealed it and when," Mr Sarabia said. "Excavating the cave could give us some clues about what happened at Teotihuacan, about the fate of the city."

Has anybody checked the level on this adventure? It can really suck when you're expecting kobolds and end up fighting cuatls.


David said...

This sort of thing is always awesome. I can't help but almost-hope that they find a beholder or something weird down there.

Although academically I know it won't happen.

David said...
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Dr-Rotwang said...

Under Teotihuacan? Really?! Dude! I've been there twice!

I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Or they could find Alien facehuggers and Predators down there!

Sham aka Dave said...

Whatever you do, don't jump into the gaping mouth of the Face of the Great Green Devil!