Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Review of Epic Proportions

This just looks like a great idea to me:

As I’ve just started reading the rules I thought it might be fun to do an entire thread documenting not only a review of the game, but the opinions, deductions, and problems of a typical gamer (that’s me) as he reads and attempts to gronk a new game for the first time.

I plan to contribute a step by step review of what I read and absorb day by day (and I’m going to take it slow, since I’m very busy). Then I plan to go into any opinions I might have of that, and ask any questions I may have of the fine people reading. Following that I hope to see any other discussion on the topic at hand (usually a chapter of the rules).

I hope to end the whole shebang with a playtest of the game and an actual play report (my group willing). Not sure if I will use the sample adventure (haven’t read it yet) or write one of my own.

Frankly, I can't think of a better way to review a game for others to learn from. It may not be quick and concise, but RPGs are a product with a long tail, and require a significant investment in time to play. So a longer, more in-depth review makes perfect sense to me.

- Brian

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