Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blumboman Reviews Mythic Role Playing

"Unofficially," whatever that means.

And he likes it:

Still, I’m more than satisfied, considering the nine bucks sacrificed for this amazing product. It’s a great, fast-moving and rules-light system on it’s own, and an awesome adventure aid accessory (Yay! Alliteration!). You can literally, and smoothly, start in a blank game world, and have an adventure constructed around you as you play, whether it be alone, with some friends but no GM, or with friends and a GM, who acts more as a referee with a knack for controlling the game than a GM. I highly recommend you get this book, no matter what system you play.

I'm very curious about this system. When I'm flush with disposable income again, I'm highly tempted to check it out.

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