Thursday, September 08, 2022

Mad Mashup: Rangers

Here's the Ranger class I'm using for my B/X-with-other-stuff-tossed in campaign. The idea here was something more Aragorn and Robin Hood than whatever the heck the WotC-era rangers are supposed to be. Right now I'm using the same advancement chart as Fighters, but that's because I've changed the Fighter as well. Good synergies with what I've done to Elves here.

Rangers do their work in the wild places of the world.  This often leads to them being outnumbered and needing to punch above their weight class.  They most often spend their time being stealthy, keeping an eye on monster populations and hunting down threats to crops and livestock.  


  • Rangers roll their hit points with a d8.

  • They may use any weapons and shields, and wear any armour except plate.

  • They use the Fighter’s saving throws.

  • A Ranger must have a DEX of at least 13 and a WIS of at least 9.  If either of those is 15+, the Ranger enjoys a 5% bonus to earned EXP.  If both are 15+, the bonus is 10%.


  • Any attack roll made by a Ranger that totals 18+ allows the Ranger to perform a Feat of Arms.  This includes ranged weapon attacks!

  • A Ranger may fight with a melee weapon in each hand.

    • At 1st level, this allows the Ranger to roll a second attack which does 1d4 damage, or add +1 to their AC.

    • At 5th level, this allows the ranger to roll a second attack that does 1d6 on a successful roll, or double their DEX bonus on their AC.

  • Rangers are experts at surviving in the wilderness.  In addition to being expert survivalists and trackers:

    • A Ranger can gather 1d4 + the Ranger’s level in rations for every 8 hours spent foraging or hunting.

    • Any character convalescing under a Ranger’s care adds 1d2 additional hit points to their natural healing.

  • If a group with a Ranger rolls a Friendly reaction with a monster of bestial intelligence whose Hit Dice are equal to or less than the Ranger’s level, the Ranger may befriend the creature and add it to the Ranger’s retainers.  This takes up a retainer slot as normal.  If the animal dies in the Ranger’s service, the Ranger permanently loses that retainer slot.  

Art made with Stable Diffusion.

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