Friday, July 13, 2012


This looks intriguing:

I'll probably wait until they've got real-time gaming working, but I'll be keeping an eye on them. Currently, MapTools works, but it's clunky and not terribly stable. I'd pay $5 per month for stability and ease-of-use.


EisenbergEffect said...


Thanks for checking out the site. We are hoping to have real time working soon...maybe by the end of the month even (can't promise that, but we are shooting for it). I hope you'll subscribe to the blog or friend us on facebook to stay up to date with new features. We are releasing new stuff almost daily. Also, don't forget, our character sheets are completely free...and it doesn't cost any money to play in a game that someone else is GMing. Again, thanks for taking the time to look into our product and I hope to see you on the site!

EisenbergEffect said...

I thought I would give you an update, since it relates to your blog post. Check out our latest announcement: