Friday, March 30, 2012

What Dangers Will be Found in the Snake Museum?

For those of you involved in my G+ game this evening, here's some information you might find useful.

The Snake Museum is a ruin sheathed in creamy jade. The collection of domes rests atop a broad, gently sloping hill. It's a known haunt of the dreaded white apes who sneak out at night to prey upon the spidergoat herds of the simple villagers who live nearby.

There are two known entrances into the Snake Museum. The main entrance on the eastern side, atop a brief flight of steps, was once sealed by a pair of massive doors. Those doors have long since vanished, and this is the preferred exit and entrance of the white apes today. One of the domes on the northern side of the complex has collapsed. While the break there is strewn with rubble, the entrance is nearly for three men abreast to march into the ruin.

Among the rules we'll be using tonight are Shields Shall be Splintered and a variation on my old Table of Death & Dismemberment:



2 or lower

instant death (decapitated or other grevious wound).


fatal wound (gutted, stabbed through lung, broken back, etc.) die in 1d6 turns.


severed limb (DM's choice or roll randomly) will die in 3d6 rounds unless tourniquet applied, wound cauterized with fire, or Cure Serious Wounds cast (CSW used for this will not restore lost hp).


weapon in use broken (if not magical) or armour damaged raising the PC's AC by 2.


knocked out for 2d6 rounds, unless wearing a helm. With helm, only stunned for 1 round.


stunned for 1 round, unless wearing helm. With helm, only knocked down.


knocked down.


no effect.


a surge of adrenaline returns 1d4 hit points per every other level (1d4 at 1st and 2nd, 2d4 at 3rd and 4th, etc.) At the end of the combat, the adrenaline drains away, hit points are reduced to zero, and the PC faints for 2d6 rounds.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trollsmyth I wanted to thank you for making this table. I figured it would be better to thank you here rather than a several year old post. I had a quick question regarding switching broken bones to broken equipment, why the change? I am curious because I am planning on using this table in my Basic Fantasy game and am trying to figure out which "version" to use.

trollsmyth said...

You're very welcome. Let me know how it works for you. I've gotten a lot of good feedback on it.

Broken bones make perfect sense in a long-running, persistent campaign where each player runs a stable of PCs. It makes far less sense in a FLAILSNAILS game where the characters largely "reset" before each new game. That is, any such broken limbs would be assumed to have healed up between adventures, and so that would largely lose it's sting, and not really work for the purpose it was intended.

Anonymous said...

Ok cool thanks. Also I really liked your hex map series and I never said so, so thanks for the good work with that. I think I am going to keep the broken weapons/armor version for now. Mainly because the PC's are poor as dirt at the moment and every copper counts. hehe

David The Archmage said...

Any chance for further adventures in the Snake Museum?

trollsmyth said...

David: Yes, but not before the end of this week.