Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sexualing the Male: You’re Doing it… Er, Well, They’re Doing It

So I’m sure everyone’s seen the vertical banner ads for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. It’s pretty much poster-perfect for one method of sexualizing the male: bare midriff, wide-spread thighs, thrusting groin in tight, bulging jeans. Very much the Chippendale’s Guys Do Final Fantasy.

This really highlights the challenge of sexualizing the male figure for hetero female consumption. I imagine there are, indeed some women who will find this attractive, though I’d imagine it might actually discourage them from buying the game for fear of slut-shaming by association. Or maybe not, since Fabio covers don’t seem to have slowed down the purchasing of romance novels even a bit.

Still, it seems to me (not having access to sales figures, scientific polls, or other actual data, but when has that ever stopped me from making vague and wild assumptions?) that this sort of thing appeals more to gay men than hetero women. There’s a bit of bishi in this guy, though, so maybe that’s part of the point? A direct appeal to gay men becomes a sort of back-handed appeal to straight women? I could see that working.

Here in America, I’m pretty sure most will just write the look off to bizarre Japanese-isms. The story behind the game, as reported by Newbreview.com, certainly won’t discourage that view:
Based on the not so well known book of Enoch, the game places you in the role of Enoch, who has been tasked with battling seven fallen angels that aim to destroy humanity with a devastating flood.

Apparently, the anachronistic acid-wash jeans are a gift from a not-yet-fallen Satan, who also enjoys chatting on his cellphone while watching you smack around the minions of the Fallen.


Philo Pharynx said...

One interesting analogy (though far from complete), is that men are aroused by this OR that and women are aroused by this AND that. Many men will be aroused if they see anything that triggers their personal preferences; a specific person or someone with the right hair color or seeing a sexy body part, etc. Many women require multiple triggers, some external and some internal. So if you have a cute guy and he isn't acting creepy and the woman isn't feeling unattractive at the moment and they aren't preoccupied by work and the music feels right, then they might be in the mood. Like I said, it's not a prefect analogy but it helps explain why many women aren't aroused by a simple picture yet men are. The man sees something that triggers him and he's aroused. Women often prefer arousing texts or movies that are able to present a more holistic scenario that arouses on multiple levels.

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