Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why do I Love the OSR?

Ok, yeah, partly because, as Zak S. says, we're the only folks who'd have him. ;) Sometimes, I think he ain't the only one.

But more seriously, Evan of In Places Deep asked for recommendations for a post-apocalyptic game, something "where society hasn't collapsed as much. Think Thunderdome with more mutants, or maybe Fallout."

He's got seven comments on that post, hitting the usual suspects. However, three of those, nearly half, are talking about games the commenter has made. Simply awesome!


Carter Soles said...

Agreed, this is a very exciting time for the OSR!

Chris Kutalik said...

To paraphrase Groucho, I'm not sure I would want to be a part of a club that would sink as low as to have me for a member.

Seriously a nice observation about the DIY attitude of our side of the hobby.

David Larkins said...

I noticed that too, although to be fair post-apocalyptic RPGs were some of the first homebrew rules I came across shortly after plugging in to the Internet 15 years ago and I've seen a fair few since. The genre just seems to encourage homebrews. Maybe because there's no definitive "gritty" commercially produced post-apocalyptic game?

Gaming Ronin said...

I just wish there was less negativity on OSR blogs about the rest of the hobbie. System snobbery is not really helping any one out.

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