Thursday, February 10, 2011

Detroit's the Place to Be

If you need fancy interior scenery for your post-apocalyptic noir-thriller. Some fascinating shots in this collection that lend themselves to inspired touches of faded elegance and abandoned grandiosity.

"Look upon my works, all ye might..." indeed.


Bighara said...

I think that pic of the dentist chair forced a Sanity check.

Way cool creeposity.

Unknown said...

I've seen some of these before, but not others. Growing up just outside of Detroit, it's potential as a post-apocalyptic/urban gothic setting was obvious and I ran a very long-lived campaign set there.

Chris Kutalik said...

Impressive and sad stuff.

I used to live about a quarter mile from the old Bladerunner-like railroad station that is so prominent in those pictures and fell in with a crew that explored those ruins.

In fact I wrote a post about a long ways back:

migellito said...

I've driven past that old railroad station many times, and even from a distance an incredible sadness emanates from it.

There are, and have been, many projects in the city where buildings were re-done and saved, but unfortunately this has yet to be one of them.

If they books had been moved to a library in use, those pictures wouldn't depress me as much as they inevitably do.

trollsmyth said...

Yeah, that's the thing that really shocks me the most: expensive equipment, grand pianos, libraries full of books, and police files just abandoned. It's not like these places were systematically shut down; they were just abandoned.

Anonymous said...

This exhibit was at my local art museum (Akron Museum of Art) and the photos are HUGE -- like 10x20 feet. The amount of detail is stunning. Just incredible.