Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taverns Three by Satyre

Over at his blog, Fame & Fortune, Satyre offers a free pdf detailing a trio of taverns. No maps, but the layouts are simple enough that they shouldn't really be needed, and the vibe is decidedly Sword & Sorcery. The OGL is invoked, but no stats are listed, so you could use these taverns with pretty much any system you please.

The first, the Zaros Road Taverna, is an orderly, well-run place that could be plopped in just about any village or town in your fantasy campaign. The Minotaur's Horn is a bit closer to the wilderness, and faces monstrous, supernatural threats. The final watering hole, the Standing Sphynx, is a den of cutthroats, harlots, witches, and the unfortunate goatherds who find them eager buyers for the flesh and milk of their flocks. Located outside a half-looted necropolis, the locals regularly must contend with the restless dead.

Each is rather flavorful and includes prices for food and lodging, details about the people who live and work and stay there, and a handful of adventure hooks. More than worth your time.


satyre said...

Thanks very much for the kind words! More will be coming. :)

trollsmyth said...

I'll be looking forward to it.