Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oddysey and Trollsmyth try that Newfangled Podcasting Thing

At GenCon, Oddysey and I decided to podcast our thoughts about some of the stuff we saw.  Attempts to do this at the con fell flat, but we managed to do it via Skype a few days after returning to our respective homes.  We talk about the Paizo and WotC booths, Pathfinder and D&D Essentials, shopping, catgirls, and other fascinating topics.  The full podcast is just over a half-hour long.

In something like the order they came up in, here are some links to things we mentioned:
Roger’s awesome character sheets at Roles, Rules, and Rolls (Not “Rolls, Rules, and Rulings.”  Sorry, Roger.)


Anonymous said...

Woot! Listening to it now.

Jimwise said...

Great podcast you two, hope you continue with it! I particularly enjoyed the optimism towards Essentials and its goals, despite my not being very interested in 4E.

trollsmyth said...

Meepo: Thanks! Yeah, neither of us play 4e, but we both know folks are having fun with it, and anything that brings in new gamers is good for the hobby as a whole.

Especially if their gamers nostalgic for the the good ol' days. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good job y'all, I really enjoyed it. The Paizo Gen Con booth sounds boss, and the red box does too!

And yay for the adventure-centric business plan.

New Fish In An Old School said...

Great job, I hope you guys continue with the podcast!

trollsmyth said...

Thanks, everyone. Oddysey and I just recorded a new one last night, so expect to see that early next week. :D