Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dawn Treader Trailer

I'm slightly worried about this one, since it's probably the most demanding of all seven of the books, but clearly has the lowest budget of the three released so far. Still, it ought to be a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Narnia book. Reepicheep is my hero.

Chris said...

Oh dear. It appears the trailer's trying to turn what is - by its very nature - an episodic travelogue into an epic storyline ("Blah blah destiny, blah blah save Narnia."). Hopefully the film itself won't make the same mistake; sometimes eye candy (Art Nouveau design: like!) and wonder are their own rewards. Vide "2001".

@Dave: preferred Silver Chair myself ("Many fall down, but few return to the sunlit lands"), but Dawn Treader was fun too. The sleeping knights and Deathwater Isle stick in the mind.

Scott said...

THAT LOOKS SO AWESOME! I have to wait until Christmas??

patita said...

Entirely unrelated to the film but relevant to conversation earlier today:

Apparently I botched the name and the hosting site. I blame binders.