Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back at’cha, scottsz

No worries, and no hard feelings. As my friends and past significant others will tell you, I have an annoying habit of answering rhetorical questions. And, since I was the one who pointed you to the link, I felt the ball was in my court.

I can certainly respect your decision, especially since I once contemplated turning Trollsmyth into a clearing house for interesting links about all pen-and-paper RPGs.

Yeah, that insanity lasted all of five minutes. ;p

I suppose I’m more inured to corporate dog-&-pony show, having been on both sides of it, and part of the freelancer madness; freelancers never pass up an opportunity to make a pitch. You just never know where your next meal is coming from.

For myself, I keep a weather eye on 4e and Paizo and the rest because every now and then they do something that overlaps with an interest I have. I don’t buy much from them, though. Right now, you and Maliszewski and Raggi and the rest of the OSR are the core of my hobby. Those other guys? Yeah, they’re out there on the horizon, and I enjoy watching what they do, though often with bemusement and sometimes annoyance. (The first draft of that post had a ranty tangent about the RPG Superstar contest that echoed Scott Kurtz’s “we are artists, not contestants” battlecry. But it was a tangent and not worth raining on someone else’s parade over.)

So, no offense intended or assumed. You’ve become daily reading for me, which is a big ouch to my schedules because you always link to too much good stuff. No matter what is true for the industry, the RPG hobby is clearly alive and well, since I know you’re just scratching the surface of our niche-of-a-niche. God help my productivity... ;D


Unknown said...
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trollsmyth said...

Oops! Sorry, it's a bit of inside baseball.

Greg Christopher said...

FYI, I decided to make this topic one of the seed topics on my new blog.

trollsmyth said...

Greg's blog on this is here.

(Don't be shy; throw in the links if you got 'em. :) )

I'm curious, though, what you mean by a "seed topic."

Greg Christopher said...

I didnt want to start a blog with one post. So I put five in.

Like little grow into trees.... you know? ;)

Greg Christopher said...

Or seed money, might be a better analogy, now that I think about it

trollsmyth said...

Ah, gotcha. Looks like a good start. Welcome to madhouse. ;)

Greg Christopher said...


I figured I should probably put some thoughts in public for a bit before I dump my game onto the world :)