Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pixie Class

Another class for my Labyrinth Lord game. We're getting a new player and she made the request to play a pixie. Should be interesting, as the fey have been largely on the sidelines so far, though looming large in the calculations of all sides in the current situation. The numbers were largely generated via Paul Montgomery Crabaugh's Customized Classes article from DRAGON magazine of May, 1986.

Pixies are tiny (1.5 feet tall on average) fey with sleek, elf-like bodies, almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, and butterfly-like wings. They have no issues with nudity, though most tend to wear jewelry and clothing as decoration, so long as it doesn't interfere with their flying.

Most assume pixies are shy, but the truth is they are just cautious, especially around “clumsy big-folk.” In truth, pixies are socially and sexually promiscuous. They live in large communities based around a tree or trees in which they hang their woven-basket homes. While it's fairly common for young pixies to leave the Tree they grew up in to form a new Tree or join another existing one, it's not common for pixies to head out into the wild in search of adventure alone. Still, the rare restless spirit does strike out from time to time, driven by curiosity, thrills, or for more urgent reasons.

Dexterity and Intelligence are the primary attributes of pixies. A pixie who has a score of 15 or more in either attribute gets a 5% bonus to earned experience. A pixie who has a score of 12 or more in both stats gets a bonus of 10% to earned experience points.

RESTRICTIONS: Pixies use six-sided dice (d6) to determine their hit points. They may not wear armour or use shields, and pixie weapons are so tiny that single-handed arms do only 1d2 damage while two-handed weapons do 1d4 damage. So long as they are flying, however, their initiative is 8. A grounded pixie has an initiative of only 2. Because of their tiny size, any equipment tailored for them costs 50% of the normal price. They must have a score of at least 12 in Dexterity and may not have a score greater than 9 in Strength. They stop advancing at 9th level.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Pixies save as Elves. Because of their tiny size, all foes suffer a -1 penalty to hit them. They can also turn invisible once per day, as per the third-level magic-user spell. Their wings allow them to fly in all but the fiercest of gales. They fight using the Rogue's to-hit tables and have access to magic-user spells. Like elves, they are able to see by mere starlight nearly as well as humans may at dusk.

Art by Luis Ricardo Falero.


Anonymous said...

This should be an interesting addition to a party.
The Palladium Fantasy RPG has quite a few Fey creatures that can be players, most are even smaller than your pixie. I have never had a player ask to play a fey, but I am curious to see how this affects the group dynamic.

Unknown said...

I used to get really hung up on the idea of Pixies being so small and how they could take "damage" without being obliterated.

Now that I think about hit points more often as "don't get hit" points, the Pixie seems like a completely reasonable class to play. :)

trollsmyth said...

ancientvaults: The party dynamic is pretty wacky already. And the player decided she must play a male character because all the other PCs were female. So yeah, should be interesting... ;)

Stuart: Yeah, my reasoning exactly. At first, I thought they'd get maybe a hit point or two per level, but considering their speed, flexibility, and size, I imagine they're very good at turning hits into glancing blows.

Al said...

Pixies, cool! Reminds me of the old Hackmaster race...

To give the class a little "punch", why not offer a small selection of "pixie dusts"? One that blinds, one that turns you into a frog or gives you the head of a donkey, makes you fall in love, etc. :)

JB said...

Pixies should roll D4 for hit points, dude.
; )

Aaron E. Steele said...

reminds me of faery's tale rpg, which I want to pick up for my daughters.

Dennis said...

Pixies are fun, a very interesting addition to the party. How do you plan on introducing her to the rest of the group?

Havard: said...

I love PC1: Tall Tales of the Wee Folk. :) Good to see this race also being brought over to LL.

GrimJesta said...

@Al: Yea, I thought of the Hackmaster Pixie-Fairies too.

The Hackmaster 4e game actually has an entire sourcebook devoted to Pixie-Fairies. If you could find a copy it might be a cool book to plunder for this class/race deal.

Perhaps Pixies could still have a small amount of Hit Points but a better chance at avoiding hits. Increase their AC modifier as they level up, maybe up to a maximum of -5 AC. This way they don't get hit all that often, but when they do it splatters them.

I dunno, just brainstorming. It's 7am; I'm only partially awake right now.