Monday, August 17, 2009

Music for Doom & Teaparties

The subject of music that makes folks think of our Doom & Teaparties campaign came up recently. I'd actually started to put together something I play in the background when I'm working on the Doom & Teaparties game. In part, it's a bit of what I think music in the campaign may sound like, and in part it's just music that inspires me to think about the campaign.

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Most of these pieces don't have words in English because I sometimes find it hard to write if I'm being distracted by English lyrics. Yulunga is a nice, atmospheric piece that fits many aspects of the campaign; it gets me out of medieval northern Europe, and fits well whether we're talking about the city of Pitsh or the palaces of the efreet in the City of Petal. Tikal pumps things up a bit, and brings in a touch of South America, which works because I'm pulling a lot from the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, and Inca for this campaign, especially for the Wednesday group.

Alan Stivell is one of my favorite makers of celtic music. Frankly, if I'd been able to find it, I'd have used his wonderfully atmospheric "Ys" instead of this piece, but it works for me to bring that touch of celtic to the Fey.

The next three build up the sense of menace and mystery. There are others I'd like to add, like bits from the Myst, Gladiator, and latest King Kong soundtracks, but I can't find those in Playlist's system. I may just end up throwing that together onto a CD of my own.

Art by Winslow Homer.


Natalie said...

Needs to be longer. This one won't last through a full session. ;) Good mood music otherwise.

Iguana Montana said...

Might I offer a couple suggestions?I am a great fan of Carlos Nakai's Native American flute music. Some of his pieces are absolutely haunting.

Also, Cusco has some great South American-inspired music, although it's typically more upbeat and New Age-y.