Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Central Texas Old School D&D Mixer on July 11

From Kutalik of Hill Cantons comes word of a social mixer this weekend for folks who enjoy ye olde versions of D&D at Scholz's Garten in Austin. I've got family coming into town either that day or the next, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it, but it sounds like a good time. Scholz and Dragon's Lair are a pair of Austin landmarks every geek in Central Texas should know, making them the perfect pair for the weekend.

UPDATE: Mr. Kutalik writes, "We do have an issue with the gaming space, Dragon's Lair, and our back-up space, Battleforge--namely that they are running tournaments at both stores at the times we were hoping to play. Trying to find another spot..." More news as it becomes available.

Photo by bespam.


Piper said...

I'll be there. I'd tell you to look for an old, bald guy with a ponytail but that is hardly a distinguishing feature in Austin!

Pulp Herb said...

I'd love to drive down but I can't this weekend.

That said, if this becomes a regular event the trip from College Station isn't long at all.

Ragnorakk said...

I'm SOOO envious...argh!

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Bummer about the no space. Although, the 'shops' are sometimes available and I'm amazed at how late they stay open. There's still no regular, dependable, public sat/sun place to RPG at.

Hope you make it. Looking forward to meeting fellow gamer/blogger folks IRL.

Robert said...

Thanks for posting this! I just might be able to make it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite interested in old school enough, but I've forwarded it to my gaming group mailing list to see if anyone else is!