Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Phoenix Barony is Free!

David "Grubman" Bezio's setting for Labyrinth Lord, the Phoenix Barony, is now free for download at Lulu:

Focusing on the fun stuff, and keeping the boring stuff brief, this setting is designed for playing in, not making you feel like you are in history class. You get adequate concise information on the geography, history, politics, and religion of the area. You also get a map and full Gazetteer of all the major land features and settlements, filled with plenty of adventure hooks and inspirational ideas. Finally you get a complete list of all the major NPCs in the barony, along with full Labyrinth Lord stat blocks. With enough information to get you going, but not so much as to be overbearing, there is plenty of room for the game master and players to move around, and make this setting their own.

Not only is the new, streamlined version of the setting book there, but you can also pick up a pair of Labyrinth Lord adventures, The Tathor Gazetteer which describes in greater detail the northeast quarter of the Phoenix Barony, and a player's guide to the Phoenix Barony:

Let’s face it; you love your setting more than your players. They generally just want to get together and play the game, not listen to you drone on and on about the history and backdrop of the adventure. This one page document gives the players enough information to get a feel for the setting without beating them to death with boring crap! Print this up, or email it to them before you play, and when you get together you can get right to the monster slaying!

A single page seems just right to me. I'll be doing my best to limit my setting info for my Moldvay/Cook/Labyrinth Lord hack to a single page (and, I'm equally certain, failing miserably to meet that goal).

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