Saturday, August 16, 2008

ArmadilloCon Report #1

Well, we got there late, didn't attend any panels, and spent most of our time doing one of the most enjoyable things you can at a con: catching up with cool people you haven't seen in a while. That was a lot of folks for us as events recently have kinda made us shut-ins. So it was great to talk to folks we hadn't seen in some time.

We did get to enjoy a quick spin through the art show. It's a pretty eclectic mix, including an incredible sculpture, thrown pottery with a Tolkien theme, and the usual mix of illustration, paintings, and computer graphics. There seem to be a lot more amateur works this year than in past, which I'd say is a good thing, but rather surprising all the same.

We also got up to the game room. Steve Jackson Games has gifted the con with a number of goodies and giveaways, including Munchkin coins, dice, and special cards. I also picked up a copy of Where We're Going: Trade News from Steve Jackson Games. Among other things, it reports that GURPS: Thaumaturgy is out (and probably has been for a while, and I should be paying closer attention) and that the Munchkin boardgame has been delayed 'til the holiday season.

Of course, what people do with the games is often more interesting than what the game companies themselves are up to. There's apparently a popular new version of Munchkin being played that combines The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin (the Wild West version of the game) with Star Munchkin (the sci-fi version) to create an unofficial Firefly Munchkin.

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Scott Zrubek said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Art Show. I can never tell how it's going to work until all of the art is finally hung.