Thursday, July 24, 2008

Covering DRAGON

There have been a lot of neat retrospectives on D&D art just lately, but my favorite is sirlarkins' discussion of his favorite covers of Dragon:

The covers of Dragon were, for me, an early and constant source of inspiration. Dragon, for a time, featured some of the best fantasy art on its covers every month. My retrospective will of course be largely influenced by the period in which I was an active reader and subscriber (circa 1989 to 1995) but as it turns out most of my favorite pieces are from before that era, grown out of familiarty acquired after purchasing the Art of Dragon Magazine many, many winters ago.

I started, and stopped, reading Dragon in a slightly earlier frame of time than sirlarkins, but there's a lot of overlap between my favorites and his. I also find I have a lot of agreement with his comments on the art of Elmore, Easley, Caldwell, and Holloway.

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