Friday, April 11, 2008

Make Mine Metal

So we've got a Pulp D&D project in the works. What about a Metal D&D project?

I think there's plenty of room for icey Nordic wastelands filled with viking giant-slayers to the north, giant-cat-riding amazon and dinosaur-infested jungles to the south, and the crumbling ruins of a forgotten empire ruled by the last in the line of a dynasty of mad god-kings in the east...I'm picturing a collection of petty kingdoms in the center, with constant battles waged between psychopathic warlords. Bandits and humanoids plague the once great roads that have fallen into disrepair, and a few struggling communities dot the landscape, each ruled with an iron fist by one of a rogue's gallery of necromancers, demon-cults, dragons, vampires, and whatever else I can think of. And to the west is the great sea, underwhich lie the ruins of an ancient civilization who's artifacts are still happened upon from time to time in the most secluded parts of the world...talismans that drive men mad with power and bring the entire world to the brink of destruction...

I sooooo wanna play in this campaign. Even if it is 4th edition. ;)

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