Sunday, January 27, 2008

Iconic Wallpapers

I'm loving the iconic characters Paizo has created for their Pathfinder and Dungeon Mastery series. The latest, Lem, can be found at the Paizo blog if you scroll down to January 22nd. Yeah, some of the write-ups have been horribly cliched, but Lem's among the best of 'em. Wayne "he's everywhere" Reynolds art really brings these folks to life. His attention to detail is amazing. I love how Lem's flute is not just a stick of wood with some holes in it, how his garments are layered, the jangle of jewelry around his neck, and that lovely, slightly snarky, slightly sweet expression on his face. This is one bad-boy halfling, who'll have you thinking his heart belongs only to you, but won't be calling back for months at a time. He reminds me very much of, for some reason, of Carla Speed McNeil's Finder.

It's interesting to see the different styles that Mr. Reynolds paints in. Typically, when you're presented with an artists work, you have a fairly good idea what you're going to get. Mr. Reynolds, however, seems to be fairly wide-ranging in his styles. His "wall-of-action" pieces for Eberron had a very strong comic-book-action vibe to them. His Paizo work has less of that, and more of a "you are there" air that reminds me of Elmore, Parkinson, and Jim Holloway.

If skimming through the Paizo blog doesn't give you enough good Pathfinder art to drool over, check out the fan-made desktops in this thread on the Paizo boards.

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