Saturday, May 26, 2018

Useful Strange

Over on the Monsters and Manuals blog’s 10 year anniversary post (congrats!), reader Mufn said of McGrogan’s blog:

Your blog is at the heart of what i call the 'Useful Strange' corner of the OSR blogoscene, im glad that you keep chugging away at things.

When asked what other blogs fit that category, the mysterious Mufn replied:
You have the usual suspects of Coin and Scrolls, False Machine, Goblin Punch, Zak, Against the Wicked City, though there are many MANY others as I'm sure you know haha

(Links added for your convenience.)

The central point being that there's an onus on developing strange/weird/new ideas that are mechanically simple enough to slot in almost anywhere with a minimum of fuss.

I’d put Elf Maids & Octopi on that list, as well as Wizard Thief Fighter, Swords & Stitchery, and A Monster Manual Sewn From Pants. Cavegirl's Game Stuff absolutely belongs on this list. I’d love to put Hill Cantons on that list, but it’s been almost a year since the last update (but do go through the older posts for lots of fun weird goodness). Jeff's Gameblog probably belongs on this list, though compared to some of these others he might come across as a bit tame. ;)

Useful Strange is a wonderfully evocative description of a flavor of blogs we are blessed with. Hear’s hoping we see many more and for a long time.

And, of course: which ones did I miss?

EDIT: I oopsed and spelled Mufn's name as "Mfun." Fixed, and added a link to Mufn's blog.


Kuseru Satsujin said...

Sadly I think some of the really great "Useful Strange" blogs are now defunct or mostly dead:

Simon Hacking said... ! Not updated for a long while, but the blog I've stolen the most from for sure.

Mufn said...

Glad i could be of help :D

trollsmyth said...

Kuseru Satsujin: Oh, excellent! Thank you! I can't believe I forgot some of those, especially Wampus and roll1d12.

Simon Hacking: Another good one.

trollsmyth said...

Mufn: Just realized I'd spelled your name wrong. >.< Apologies! I've corrected it and added a link to your blog.