Friday, February 01, 2013

Hexographer Hex-a-fies Anything!

Those of you looking to convert the more modern, suitable-for-framing style artsy world maps into traditional, suitable-for-hex-crawlin' maps might want to give this new feature in Hexographer a look:
Hexographer just got a new feature: Converting a map (or really any PNG image) into a hex map! This is designed to make it a little easier to create a hex map based on another map you’ve created or scanned.
And now I'm intrigued by the possibilities of hex-a-fying things that were not intended to be maps originally.


David Larkins said...

This pleases me immensely.

LS said...

That is a fascinating idea you've got there, Trollsmyth.

I've always been a fan of generating maps/adventures using unusual methods. I wonder what kind of map would be created if I converted--for example--a group photo of my game group.

trollsmyth said...


Yep! Regular patterns (Celtic knotwork and the like) are too repetitive, unfortunately. But yeah, a pic of your gaming group might be just the thing.

Jeremy Deram said...

Sweet. Thanks for drawing my attention to this.

Mathius 78 said...

This is an awesome feature. So any idea what is in the middle of you hex map? I would love to see more on how you actually run the game. Thanks for that great set of articles.