Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What if Star Wars Sequels Were Made by Italians?

No need to guess. Dark Resurrection is on the intrawebs.

I just finished watching "Vol. 0." The writing is ok, the acting is decent, the fight choreography needs some work (maybe they should get some help from these guys) but the effects, props and costuming are excellent. The style is very European; you can be forgiven for not realizing it's the Star Wars universe until the lightsabers come out. (And yes, they continue the notion that Force-users = lightsabers.)

Two thoughts:

- from now on, padawan should refer to their mentors as "Maestro" rather than "Master."

- Hollywood has a lot more to fear from Blender than they do from file sharing.


Anonymous said...

Eh, I've seen better. The costumes were a bit on the silly side, really do you wear a hooded cloak in the office a lot? The characters were well just dull I didn't care at all about them. They just blunder in and starting making one cliche mistake after another. The fight scenes were kinda formulaic too. The plot leaves a bit too, why does the master jedi just go evil kinda out of nowhere? Still nice production values. I'd give it 2/5.

trollsmyth said...

Dude, it's Italy; have you seen the way their cops dress?

Anonymous said...

Nope those guys are merely sporting a styling pair of corellian bloodstipes. To be equivalent to the jedi in that film they would have to be wearing nor easter hats and raincoats on a sunny day, inside a building.