Friday, February 08, 2008

Suddenly, Ninjas Attack!

Ok, not really, but as June and D&D 4.0 approaches, things are beginning to move in the world of RPGs. First, Fantasy Flight Games appears to be jumping on the 4.0 bandwagon, and they’re looking for writers to help them out. (This via the Velvet Dicebag.)

But suddenly, from almost literally out of freakin’ nowhere, jumps Monte Cook, one of the guys who wrote 3.0, with a new book for D&D! Yeah, I know, he promised he’d left for the greener pastures of novel writing, but apparently the man just can’t help himself. The Book of Experimental Might is a collection of his houserules for running d20 games. It is, in essence, Monte Cook’s D&D 3.75. It’s interesting to note how some of the thing things mentioned, such as never letting magic-using PCs be left without any spells remaining to cast, are mirrored in the official 4.0 rules.

The incestuous world of d20 just keeps getting more interesting all the time.

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