Sunday, December 09, 2007

Google Ad to Art

I keep my eye on the ads that get pasted at the top of the page. Mostly, I'm just curious about the sorts of products will be returned by the algorithms' perusing of my writings. I also like to know what sort of things are being promoted on my blog. A few times I've been inspired to remove the ads altogether, but it's always been more trouble than I've had time for, and so they remain.

Just lately, there was a link to this gallery of fantasy art. It's a fun perusal, though there's not much that's new there. I was surprised to find what appears to be a (NSFW) Frazetta cover for one of the Flashman novels.

Anyway, I suggest spending a bit of time checking it out. In spite of the odd organization (like lumping Frazetta's work with Boris Valejo and Julie Bell's which, yeah, I can kinda see why, but...) it's a neat collection.

- Brian

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