Sunday, March 18, 2007

The shame. The shame!

Four months since my last update?!? Ok, that’s just inexcusable. Especially since so much has been going on. Things feel a bit quiet on the RPG front, admittedly, but there’s lots of new art stuff to talk about. Lea over at Paintpots has been working with sculpture, a medium that I feel fits her style very well. In Dragonlance movie news, there are new backgrounds. The first gave me a strong and worrisome Scooby Doo vibe, but the newest look to be very strong nods towards the brothers Hildebrandt. My feelings remain mixed, but hopeful.

But the big news for me is that I’ve finally gone through and begun to organize and update the massive mess of links I’ve been accumulating for this blog. You can see the fruits of this on the right-hand sidebar. If you know a link worthy of mention, please let me know. I’m still not entirely certain how I want to judge worthiness, honestly. You’ll notice I didn’t link to Parkinson or Elmore, or others in that league. Do I really need to? Doesn’t everyone already know them? Nene might arguably be in that league, I dunno. PvP and certainly doesn’t need me to plug them, but I hit those almost every day, so they made the list. What do you think? Should I be linking the “big” names?

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