Monday, October 26, 2020

Conan Casting

So Netflix is working on a Conan series, and there was apparently word of such a series being worked on previously that would follow the stories by Howard more faithfully than other attempts at putting the Cimmerian on the screen.  Screen Rant had a fun little video with some dream casting, but it was all about characters from the movies who never show up in the stories, folks like Thulsa Doom (who’s actually from the Kull stories) and Subatai. 


So let’s do this right.  Assuming this new show follows the stories far more closely, who should be cast in the various roles?  Here are some of my ideas:


Tower of the Elephant

We start with this story because it’s probably the most classic, and certainly one of the best of Howard’s Conan stories.  With the popularity of D&D, leading with what is among the most dungeon-rompy of Conan’s stories seems a no-brainer.  And as this is our opener, we’re going in with a bang, spending some money on the cast.

Conan - Karl Urban

I’ve loved him in everything I’ve seen him in.  Momoa wouldn’t be bad either; I liked him in the role, I just thought the writing was poor.

Taurus, "Prince of Thieves" - Dave Bautista

We need someone with both bulk and agility, who combines joviality with menace.  I can’t think of anyone better, but I also can’t shake the thought I’m forgetting someone here.

Yag-kosha - Tim Allen

This is a purely voiced role.  We need someone who can bring pathos to the alien’s words.  In the same way Bernard Hill, who usually plays more comedic roles, infused Theodan with pathos and gravitas, I think Tim Allen’s empathy and sense of timing would work really, really well in this challenging role.  Besides, I want to save Mark Hamill for something bigger later in the series. 😉

Yara - Ian McShane

He’s a big name right now, everyone knows and enjoys him, and he looks like an evil sorcerer to boot!


The God in the Bowl

And immediately we’re switching gears with a whodunnit.  This nicely shows the sort of range of Howard’s stories; Conan is a thief in both, burglarizing a wealthy residence, but the stories are very different in feel and tone.  We’re also teasing Stygia here good and early.

Magistrate Demetrio - Casper Van Dien

The role calls for a chisel-jawed man who is driven by duty but not blinded by it.

Prefect of Police Dionus - Richard Brake

Brake can play those roles where the character needs to get under your skin and be annoying, but you’ll still kinda root for the guy.


The Hall of the Dead 

Instead of Conan escaping at the end of this one, we simply segue right into Rogues with Murilo visiting him either at the end of this one or the beginning of the next one.

Nestor - David Wenham

He’s got the look and the action skills already.


Rogues in the House

Murilo - Michael Gough

Nabonidus - Ian McDiarmid

We need two actors who can chew the scenery and yet ooze corruption that can contrast with Conan’s simple barbaric nobility.  These old hands would be awesome together as foes forced into alliance. 

Thak - John Cena

We need someone who’s big and physical, with the wrestling skills of, well, a pro. 


Frost-giant's Daughter

While this one probably happens earlier in most chronologies, Conan is not at his most empathetic here.  He’s also a full-on reaver in this one, while he’s more the thief in all the other tales.

Atali - Sophia Jane Myles

I think she’s terribly underrated and would make an excellent ice princess.  Watching her slowly drive Conan to the boiling point only to have him ambushed by her brothers would be a lot of fun.

The Brothers - two stuntmen whose faces we rarely get to see on the screen would be good, but what would be really cool is getting Matt Easton and Lindybeige to play these guys.  ;D


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I like Lindybeige, too, but I think that his armour won’t be ready by the time they are ready to film The Frost-Giant’s Daughter.

Yora said...

Oh yes! Karl Urban would be fantastic. I can't really visualize him as Conan right now, but I am sure he'd be amazing.

And I agree: While I really didn't like Jason Mamoa's previous performance as Conan, I think he can do it with a different director.

My suggestion for Taurus would be Sammo Hung.

Alandre said...
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Picador said...

Karl Urban is 48 and looks it. I could see him as Conan in Tower of the Elephant if it had been produced 20 years ago, around the time he appeared as Eomer in the LotR movies.

trollsmyth said...

Yora: Oh, Hung would be perfect!

Picador: My wife agrees with you, but we're having a hard time coming up with an actor with the right physique. All the young actors these days are far too pretty. The best we could come up with was Jeremy Renner if he got ripped, but he's my age.

Deptfordx said...

Agreed on Urban, back in the day fine. Too old now.

Ruprecht said...

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (better known as the Mountain to Game of Thrones fans) might be a bit too big for Conan but if they ever make a Thrud movie he's a shoe-in.

trollsmyth said...

Ruprecht: I think Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson would make a great Baal-Pteor in Shadows in Zamboula.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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