Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force...

"... as if a million nerds suddenly cried out in terror..."

Lots and lots of angst out there about Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney.  For some (very blunt) perspective on all of this, you can't do worse than read the words of John Scalzi on the subject.  Frankly, I agree: this is what's best for everyone at this point.

As for those folks who worry about Disney filling Star Wars with Jar-jars, keep in mind that Disney isn't just Mickey Mouse.  I don't have an ear inside the Mouse House, but I strongly suspect Disney has a plan for Star Wars, and it's not primarily little kids.  Remember “Prince of Persia” and “John Carter?”  Both were from Disney and both were about replacing the highly lucrative, but increasingly tired, “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. 

Disney's looking for an action-adventure-romance series they can target to the young-adult and nerd audiences, which will have enough legs for at least a trilogy.  Can you think of a better property than Star Wars to fit that bill? 

This probably drives the last nail into any Barsoom series' coffin; why pour money into ur-Star Wars when you have actual Star Wars?  A 2015 release means they can pick up the epic baton just as “The Hobbit” is putting it down.  Expect to start hearing a lot about this somewhere around a year from now.


migellito said...

The 'no more Barsoom' effect is something I hadn't thought of, but I'm sure you're right. That's the first part of any of this that actually made me sit up and take notice. They probably weren't going to make any more anyway, since it didn't blow up the box office, but .. sigh.

trollsmyth said...

Yeah, I thought there was an outside chance since the international market had loved the film, but not now. Phooey! :p

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to say "you could do worse than..."

trollsmyth said...

Anonymous: Yep, I absolutely did. Doh! Thanks for catching it.

LS said...

My angst arises from the fact that I've always found much greater joy in the EU than I have in the films, and a new film set after the original trilogy is the EU's death knell.

Unless the films adapt the Thrawn trilogy, then whatever happens in them will likely invalidate most of the EU's cannon. Further books based on the original trilogy's continuity seem unlikely after the new films drop.

I'm sure the new films will be better than the prequel trilogy. But will they be better than the books they'll be displacing?

No. They will not.